In this term we had the Year 2 trip to Mallydams Wood. The children started the day in the “classroom” at Mallydams where they learned about the wildlife that they could encounter in the woods and about the work of the RSPCA. The two classes split and did a variety of activities including: a hedgehog trail, shelter building, animal treasure hunt, woodland potion mixing and exploring bug city. The children absolutely adored building woodland shelters. The task involved creating somewhere warm and comfortable where at least one person could take shelter inside. The children showed excellent teamwork and they thoroughly enjoyed moving large tree branches to make shelters and exploring the woods to find other materials to add to their constructions.

We had such an incredible time. The children were excited to be out in the woodlands looking for evidence of wildlife. They learned lots about the work of the RSPCA and this linked fantastically to their science learning back at school. One of the biggest things that a number of the adults noted was the amazing use of language and vocabulary from the children, particularly in the woodland potions activity. The writing back at school certainly benefitted from the childrens’ first-hand experiences. Trips can sometimes be a little stressful for the adults organising them, but I know that every adult had the freedom to enjoy the trip as every child was engaged in the exciting activities and the Mallydams staff were so fabulous!