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School Council

The School Council has been set up to allow the children to have a say in the running of the school. Each class from Year 3 upwards has an elected member and the Council meets regularly to discuss the views of their peers and to feed any ideas to the teachers and governors. It’s a great forum for the children to suggest ways to improve the school.
The Council focuses on a different area of school life each term. They work closely with the Eco Warriors and regularly update the governors on their actions and thoughts for the term. They have been involved in monitoring traffic; choosing a charity for the year and undertaking ‘Learning Walks’ through the school and to comment on the physical environment and displays.


Each governor meeting two members of the school council talk to the governors about their work and progress so far.

Our chosen charity

This year the school council has chosen to support the charity ‘Cystic Fibrosis Trust’ because one of our parents has a child who suffers from the condition. Please visit the link for more information about this worthy cause.

Last year we supported the Motor Neurone Foundation because one of our teachers has a friend with the disease.School Council