Our curriculum is built around our children. We study local history and local issues and keep the rich resources of a fishing town with a long history at the forefront of our content.

We have a rich art basis and the children develop their art knowledge initially through our class names, who have all been named after artists.

Specialist teaching

We offer specialist teaching in French from Year 3. Every child receives lessons each week from our French teacher.

Our PE teachers, as well as offering several clubs outside of school hours, takes PE and ensures a broad and balanced skill based curriculum.

Every child from the age of 7 learns a musical instrument from the music service specialist teachers.

  • In Year 3 they learn recorder.
  • In Year 4 they learn the fife.
  • In Year 5 the children learn the flute.
  • In Year 6 the children learn clarinet.

Adult staff are encouraged to learn alongside the children!

We have a specialist Maths teacher under the Every Child Counts umbrella.

We also have specialist TAs, HLTAs who work with children with dyslexia, speech and language difficulties and reading difficulty.

Our Curriculum through themes

The whole school celebrate theme weeks at different times of the year.

In Term 2 the children have an art and writing week. Each teacher chooses a piece of art to focus and teach cross-curricular subjects. This enables us to study artists, countries, beliefs and other subjects in a coherent way. The main focus is on producing a piece of writing and concentrating on editing and redrafting in order to produce a best piece.

This year we measured success by assessing the number of children producing writing a sub level above their normal working level. On average 62% of children achieved this.

  • Art/writing week – Each child writes based on a piece of artwork chosen by the teacher.
  • Geography/Enterprise week – We raise money for our link schools and experience maths for a real life purpose through this work.
  • History week – The children look at art from a historical period and act as history detectives in order to uncover the mystery and reason behind some works of art.
  • Sports week – Our Year 6 visit PGL for an adventure filled and challenging time.
  • Science/Eco week – of activity focusing on practical science, awe and wonder and scientific skills and knowledge. The Eco Council work hard to ensure our Carbon Footprint is low and our awareness is high!
  • Coding Days – throughout the year we hold coding days where each key stage has a challenge or problem that requires their knowledge and skills in computer science to solve.