Castledown School has a comfortable and easily affordable school uniform, and all children are encouraged to wear it. Sweatshirts, polo shirts, fleeces and jogging bottoms with school logo are available through the office.

All parents send their children in uniform. Any child whose appearance is a cause for concern will be mentioned to the Headteacher, who will decide on the appropriate course of action.

Uniform is:


School uniform

Boys – black trousers/shorts, white polo shirt, school jumper.

Girls – black trousers, skirt or pinafore dress, white polo shirt, school jumper/cardigan/fleece, (summer – blue and white dress).

NB: Girls’ trousers should be straight-legged and of non-stretch material.

Shoes should be black. Sandals with open toes or backs and shoes with high heels are not suitable for school.

Trainers should not be worn as general footwear.

In the summer, children are encouraged to wear a hat outside. School ones are available.

Please ensure that children are tidily dressed throughout the day. Children who take care of their appearance will also take care of their work generally. At the end of the day children should leave the school reasonably dressed. This is particularly important at the end of clubs in the afternoon. All children should change back into uniform before they leave the school following an after hours activity.

PE kit is:

PE kit

PE kit

Blue shorts, plain sky blue t-shirt.

All children require plimsolls or trainers.
For safety and hygiene all children should change for P.E. Both boys and girls should have either, the school PE kit or plain blue shorts, plain sky blue t-shirt, jogging bottoms and plimsolls or training shoes.

Children who play football will need suitable footwear and a complete set of additional kit.

All PE kit should be kept in a drawstring bag.

Children will only miss PE if there is a letter from the child’s parent. Any child not taking part in a PE lesson will be sent to work in another class unless they can be involved in observing the lesson or performance.

All clothing should be clearly named.

Teachers may forbid items of clothing, accessories and footwear which
they deem to be dangerous or which are against the interests of the children generally.

Book Bags

All children should have a book bag in which they carry their reading book and reading journal. These should be brought to school daily and stored in the classroom. Children who consistently come without their bag will have a letter sent to their parents to request that they do so. Children should be encouraged to put any communication, including the Newsletter, straight into their book bags. These are available to order from the school office.