Absence from School If your child is absent, could you please telephone the school before 9.30 am on every day of the absence. We regard this as very important for the welfare and safety of children.  The Education Welfare Officer regularly checks our Registers, a reason is required for each absence and all absences are monitored very carefully.

We aim for 100% attendance and reward those children who achieve this across the year.

If your child is going to be late arriving for any reason and you wish lunch to be ordered, please send a written message or telephone by 9.15am.  It is very important that lateness is kept to an absolute minimum.


Children may be kept off school when they are ill. We follow the Health Protection Agency (HPA) guidelines for recommended absences. This includes a recommendation of 48 hours absence for sickness and/or diarrhoea.  When a child has a stomach virus or diarrhoea the HPA recommend a full 48 hours to recover following the last bout of illness.

This is a guideline, if you are positive your child’s sickness is due to something they have eaten and they are well enough to return to school after 24 hours clear of any sickness or diarrhoea, the school will trust your judgement as the child’s parent or carer.

Absence (including holidays) in term time

There is a big national drive to improve school attendance and so Headteachers and Governors are directed to encourage parents to take family holidays in school holiday times.  Holidays taken in term times, it is directed, will be regarded as unauthorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Please complete an absence form available from the school office (a minimum of 2 weeks notice should be given).  The Headteacher will meet with all families requesting a holiday in term time.


We ask that you make doctors and dental appointments outside of the school day. If your child has a hospital appointment please let the office have a copy of the letter for the register.