• Frances Nicholls

    Staff Governor

  • Joe Weber

    Parent Governor

  • Amy Jupp

    Parent Governor

  • Kerri Burns


  • To Be confirmed

    Clerk to the Governors

  • Emily Ellis

    Parent Governor

The Role of Governors

Governors work as part of the senior leadership team. They are involved in the strategic development of the school and are responsible for holding the senior leaders to account. One of the key roles is to help raise standards of achievement. Governors ensure this by:

  • being accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community
  • planning the future direction of the school
  • selecting the headteacher
  • making decisions on the school’s budget and staffing
  • making sure that the national curriculum is taught
  • checking the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs
  • guaranteeing that key policies are upheld by all members of staff

“Governors are at the heart of how a school operates and it is important we get things right. How we do our job affect the interests of pupils, staff morale and how the school is seen by parents and others in the community.”

How the school is performing ultimately is the responsibility of the Governors which makes the role even more important and essential. Analysing school data, visiting the school and following up Ofsted inspection reports are some of the extremely important tasks that governors undertake.

How to contact us

We as governors welcome letters and value your comments. However, questions regarding the day-to-day running of the school should in the first instance be referred to the class teachers, head teacher or relevant member of staff.

We can be contacted at chair@castledown.e-sussex.sch.uk

Current Governing Board Members 2016 – 17 (September 2016) There are currently vacancies for two co-opted members.   Since September 2016 the Governing Board operates two committees with delegated powers – Pay and Pay and Appeals. All other business will be considered at regular meetings of the full board which meets monthly.   All Governors, apart from staff members, are assigned to a pool of Governors available for Discipline Committee (Exclusions), Appeals Panels, Grievances, Complaints as appropriate   Clerk: Georgina Doherty ( clerk@castledown.e-sussex.sch.uk )


BURNS Kerri Type:  Staff – Head teacherTenure: Ex-officioStart Date: 4/01/16  Committee: Pay  Full Attendance
NICHOLLS Frances Type:      Staff – elected by staffTenure:    13/02/16-1/02/20Start Date: 13/2/16     Full Attendance
WEBER Jeremy (Joe) Type :  Parent -elected by parentsTenure : 23/10/14 – 22/10/18Start Date: 23/10/14 Committee: Pay Appointed Governor (Headteacher Performance Review)Chair 28/4/16 – 14/9/16 Vice Chair 1/9/15 – 28/4/16  Full Attendance
JUPP Amy Type: Parent –elected by parentsTenure:  13/02/16 – 12/02/20Start Date: 13/02/16   Committee: Pay Responsible for: Health & Safety Appointed Governor (Headteacher Performance Review)   Full Attendance
SETTLES Ross      VICE CHAIR Type:  Local Authority – nominated by Local Authority, appointed by Governing BoardTenure: 15/07/16 – 14/07/20Start Date: 15/07/16 Committee: Pay AppealsAppointed governor (Headteacher Performance Review)  Full Attendance
SAGE Richard    CHAIR Type: Co-optedTenure: 15/07/16-14/07/20Start Date: 15/07/16   Committee: Pay Appeals Responsible for: SEND, Safeguarding, Child Protection, Looked After Children, Equalities   Full Attendance

  Governors who stepped down during 2016/17  

Type:      co-opted by GovernorsTenure:  18/9/15 – 17/9/19Start Date: 18/9/15End Date: 14/9/16
Type: Parent elected by parentsTenure: 11/03/2016 – 10/03/2020Start Date: 11/03/2016End Date: 5?01/2017
Vice Chair (From 28/4/16 to 14/9/16) Committee: Standards, Teaching and Learning, Resources; Pool of Governors for Discipline Committee (Exclusions), Appeals Panels, Grievances, Complaints as appropriate  Responsible for: SEND, LAC, Child Protection & SafeguardingCommittee: PayResponsible for: Governors Training, Early Years Foundation Stage Full AttendanceFull Attendance